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Vail Resorts launches EpicPromise as part

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Vail Resorts launches EpicPromise as part of sustainability program. 

Resort uses branding to build a better future.

On Saturday Sept. 20, thousands of Vail Resorts, Inc. employees will have completed 13 trail, habitat or school restoration projects across the U.S. and in Jamaica to commemorate Vail Resorts’ newly launched EpicPromise, a branding platform designed to engage resort guests and residents of the communities where it operates in one of the company’s core values, “Do good.”

Essentially, the branding encourages employees, community residents and guests to identify a sustainability commitment and take action to make an “Epic” impact, building on Vail Resorts’ demonstrated commitment over the last five years to sustainability through environmental and community support, including:

•      Over $7 million in contributions to more than 235 non-profit partners annually

•      Energy reduction of 10 percent and a pledge to reduce another 10 percent by 2020

•      More than $3.5 million raised through Vail Resorts’ guest donation program to sustain forest health

•      A leadership role in the restoration of the Hayman Fire area located on the Front Range of Colorado which improved the water source for 75 percent of Coloradoans

•      Donate 20,000 company-sponsored volunteer hours annually

EpicPromise will highlight this already strong commitment and expand it to engage the millions of guests the company hosts each year as stewards of the natural environment and local communities.

“The mission of our business is to provide experiences of a lifetime in the great outdoors,” said Rob Katz, chairman and CEO for Vail Resorts. “We have a special responsibility to preserve and protect the iconic landscapes which frame our mountain resorts, and help strengthen our local communities.”

Katz continued: “We have implemented many sustainable practices at our company for years, and now we have the opportunity to inspire others to follow our lead. EpicPromise is how we will work together to create a more promising future for generations to come.”

Capitalizing on Vail Resorts’ Epic brand, EpicPromise will become an integrated part of the guest experience from its dedicated website,, to Ski and Ride School, to on-mountain educational signage. Through these actions, Vail Resorts hopes to inspire every guest to identify a personal sustainability commitment and take action.

Right now, resort guests and pass holders can take action through the Company’s guest donation program. When purchasing any of the Epic Pass products, or when buying advance tickets online or staying in a Vail Resorts lodging property this winter, guests have the option to contribute a $1 to forest conservation and trail restoration efforts in Colorado, Utah and Tahoe. To date, these donations have amounted to more than $3.5 million to sustain forest health.

“The launch of EpicPromise is just the first step as we look forward to implementing new programs and efforts in the coming months that build on our sustainability leadership,” said Beth Ganz, vice-president of public affairs and sustainability. “From our commitment to sustainable operations to inspiring our guests to make their own impact, we want to be a company known for taking action.”

For more information about EpicPromise and Vail Resorts commitment to sustainability, visit

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